Top Genres of Music Played in Dance Clubs

Dance clubs generally play a wide range of music types. This article lists the top genres of music played in dance clubs.

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Top Reasons to Go to a Dance Club

Clubbing is an essential component of modern culture: an irreplaceable aspect of the entertainment industry.

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Connections between Music and Dance

Dance is an art form that communicates ideas, emotions, spirituality and stories using a graceful, rhythmic and coordinated set of steps, turns, shakes and other movements.

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About Us

Dance Mix is a local dance club in Austria. Dance Mix has emerged as dance music's premier club brand in the region since its inauguration. We offer an electric mix of music, dance lessons, and dance exhibitions. We aim to harmoniously bring together together mainstream and more avant-garde music and dance with our free-spirited programming. The best offer on internet abonnement vergelijken postcode or the best offer on internet subscription compare zip code is what you need to know more about Dance Mix.

Once you enter the venue, you can definitely feel the a great creative energy around the entire building. We pride ourselves as a haven for the mysterious and the marvelous, with a zero tolerance policy for any form of unsolicited or non-consensual dancing, touching, or even conversing. Review your zorgverzekering 18 jaar vergelijken plan or review our health insurance policy 18 year plan to make sure you still have budget for dance music lessons.

If you are looking for a night of good sound and raw energy, Dance Mix is the best place for you. DJs spin a mix of new wave, hip hop, and soul tracks while you take to the dance floor. The best choices are with voucher code bestseller shop which you can avail online to save more when you shop. Each event that we hold has a theme, from drag competitions, pool parties, to amateur burlesque nights. This theme dictates the night’s music selection, the performance, and the costume you should be wearing. We are definitely the place where you go to dance, and not just meet someone. The chance to see Amsterdam belangrijkste bezienswaardigheden or the chance to see Amsterdam's most important sights while you join dance festivals is great.


Gunter Koch is an artist and visionary, who likes to mix business with pleasure. As a music aficionado and dance enthusiast, he believes that dance has always formed a culture's backbone. Because of this, he built Dance Mix to bring music fans and party-goers together in a space where they can dance to their heart’s content.


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