Frequently Asked Questions

Will I be asked for ID?

If you are fortunate enough to look younger than 18, please be prepared to prove your age at any time with valid identification. If you do get asked for ID, please do not be offended as our employees are only complying with state regulations.

What is your dress code?

This is a difficult rule to enforce, but we try our best to keep it as simple as we can for our guests’ convenience. Unless there is an event, we ask that our guests arrive smartly dressed, keeping things stylish, fashionable, and fresh. However, we do decide entry on an individual basis.

Will I be refused entry?

Dance Mix reserves the right to refuse admission. As long as nothing seems amiss with your age, your look, and your actions, we will happily welcome you to the club. We also encourage our guests to drink responsibly, so we reserve the right to refuse admission or service to those who are, or appear to be, intoxicated.

Will I get a refund on prepaid tickets or packages if I have been refused entry?

All tickets and packages are non-refundable. On a case-to-case basis, our management may decide to grant a refund. In such cases, please contact our customer service number for more details.

If tickets are sold out, do I have any other options?

If advance tickets are sold out, tickets are available at the door on a first come, first serve basis. However, keep in mind that such tickets are subject to availability and club capacity.

Do you have a lost and found?

Yes, please call our customer service hotline to inquire about any lost items.