Austria’s Leading Dance Club

In Dance Mix, you will find DJs, garage punk girl bands, art pop bands, and even the occasional gospel choir all of which are welcomed with a packed, rowdy, energetic dance floor. We are the answer to the ponderous aesthetic of reclaimed wood and dark leather that are all too common in most of the dance clubs around the area. The single and single-adjacent chat in the comfy upstairs area and the heated patio, or let their moves do the talking on a packed dance floor.

Our enormous space is smoky, dark and packed with a committed crowd of revelers swaying in unison to musicians, both popular and obscure. Our music is best enjoyed with a cocktail in hand while leaning casually against a leather banquette.


Party the Night Away

Sound quality is crucial in the dance world, and our awe-inspiring dance club more than delivers in that department with a booming sound system. Not only do we boast of a killer sound, we also form part of the focal point for the city’s burgeoning dance scene. Our programming is high quality and varied, laying testament to the thriving nightlife of Austria. The crowd we attract is really open – which means that whether house or techno music is playing, people follow the lead. Plus, with our 24-hour permit, nights merge easily into mornings.


Dance Lessons

Knowing how to dance will definitely improve your enjoyment of so many social settings. Whether it’s for a business function, a formal or casual event, a cruise, a wedding, or even a vacation, learning how to dance from certified dance professionals will go a long way into enhancing your fun. During the day, Dance Mix’s dance studio and certified dance instructors offer fun and easy to learn dance instructions for dancers of all levels. We welcome you to become a member or student today and make you first dance an unforgettable experience.